Sex Positions To Conceive A Baby Boy

 Conceive A Baby Boy

As millions of couples around the world can testify, it’s entirely possible for a woman to get pregnant regardless of the sexual position that she and her partner use, the time of the month at which they make love, and sometimes even despite using contraception.

With mother nature so determined to produce a baby from every act of intercourse, you might wonder how on earth it’s possible for a couple to either influence the probability of conception or the sex of the baby.

Well, there are four main things that come into play here. The first is the sexual position that you use. Obviously, if you use a sexual position where the man’s ejaculation ends up near the opening of the cervix, it’s easier for the sperm to pass into the uterus as they have a shorter journey to make. And that means sex positions which give deep penetration may increase your chances of conception.

Secondly, it’s a fact that the sperm which will produce a baby boy, that’s to say those carrying the XY sex chromosomes, don’t live as long, but do swim faster than sperm carrying the XX sex chromosomes, which will produce a baby girl. This fact has become the basis of a whole load of techniques designed to give parents the edge when it comes to choosing the sex of their baby. Down below you’ll find some illustrations of sex positions which can supposedly increase the chances of conception and sex positions to conceive a baby boy — at least in theory — or to conceive a baby girl. Please note that in any case you have a 50% chance of getting a baby of the sex that you want; using particular sex positions to conceive a boy or a girl can give you the edge but there are absolutely no guarantees of success!

Thirdly, the internal environment of the vagina may influence the gender of your child. This means that things like temperature, or the acidity or alkalinity of the vagina, can favor or hamper the boy or girl producing sperm. So not all couples have an equal chance of producing boys or girls; the key here is to make sure that you’ve tilted the odds in your favor of your choice of baby boy or baby girl as much as possible by ensuring that you’ve done everything you can make the environment inside your vagina best suited to male sperm all-female sperm (as not very scientific term, but I’m sure you know what I mean!)

Lastly, it’s necessary for both parents to be fertile: for the month have a good sperm count and the woman to be ovulating viable eggs. Those factors that you only learn about if you don’t manage conceive, in which case it’s probably best to see your doctor. The standard advice given is to see a doctor if you’ve been having unprotected sex (i.e. sex without contraception) for a year without conceiving a baby, or, if you’re over the age of 35, to see a doctor if you’ve been having unprotected sex for six months without conceiving a boy or girl.

Before we go on to look at the sex positions which are supposed to help you conceive a baby boy and the sex positions which are supposed to help you conceive a baby girl, I’d just like to take a look at the most famous method of choosing the sex of your baby:The Shettles Method.

All the methods on the Internet at claim to be able to help you choose the sex of the baby you conceive, the one that comes up time and time again as being the most reliable is the Shettles Method.

Of course all systems that help you choose the sex of your baby regarded by the medical profession as very dubious and probably not giving any results better than you’d expect by chance alone (that’s to say, a 50-50 chance of conceiving a boy or girl). But it seems that when the Shettles Method is applied properly you can get a success rate of 75% or above.

Now to put this in context, remember that you would obviously get a success rate of 50% by chance alone – you have an equal chance of getting a boy or a girl. So this doesn’t represent any kind of certainty, but it may give you an edge when when you want to conceive a baby boy or if you’re dreaming of a baby girl.

So how does it work? The sperm which produce a baby boy have XY sex chromosomes; those which produce a girl have XX chromosomes. It turns out that sperm carrying XY chromosomes aren’t quite as strong, and they don’t live as long, but they do swim faster. These factors allow you to tip the odds in favor of conceiving a boy by following some simple steps. I should say that all of Dr. Shettle’s method is described in great detail here.

You have to know when you ovulate. Because of the limited life of the XY sperm, you need to limit sex to a period from 24 hours before ovulation to 12 hours after ovulation. If you have intercourse more than 24 hours before you ovulate, your chances of having a boy are much lower.

Dr Shettles suggests that the best way to determine the correct time to have intercourse around the point of ovulation is to check the state of your cervical mucus. Just before you ovulate it has a watery and elastic consistency similar to that of raw egg white. Charting your cervical mucus over a period of a month also allows you to be absolutely sure of the day that you ovulate. The cervical mucus also influences how easy it is for the XY – male – sperm to get into the uterus. Around the time of ovulation, when the cervical mucus is less acidic and slippery, the XY sperm can penetrate it more easily.

In addition, Dr. Shettles suggests that you monitor your basal body temperature very carefully. His system explains in great detail how to monitor your body temperature and watch for the change around the time of ovulation. If you wish you can also use ovulation predictor kits. These kits monitor changes in the hormone level in the body prior to ovulation, and allow you to check the point at which the hormone associated with population surges in your bloodstream. When you have detected this search, you can predict the time of ovulation fairly accurately. And Shettles also observes that sex positions which provide deep penetration also help to get this male sperm nearer to the cervix.

There is some other factors which we should mention because you’ll see them repeated in the folklore we can’t vouch for whether or not they are accurate: a high sperm count is helpful in producing a baby boy, so the male partner should wear boxes rather than tightfitting underwear which allows the testicles to remain cool and increases the sperm count. In addition, and somewhat improbably, drinking coffee before sex apparently increases the activity of the XY (male) sperm.

The missionary position, also known as the man on top

There is general agreement from all experts that the missionary position, whether man is on top, offers the greatest chance of having a baby. It gives deep penetration which allows the man to deposit his sperm near the opening of the cervix, while ensuring that the woman’s prone position, lying on her back, keeps the sperm near the cervical opening for as long as possible before it drains out the vagina.

It follows that if you can adjust the angle of the woman’s hips so that her vagina is tilted downwards, the sperm will have an even greater chance of passing into her uterus and up into the Fallopian tubes where it can fertilize an egg. This is shown in the illustrations below, and the photographs demonstrate how you might want to put it into practice!

Of course not only is man on top or missionary position good for conception, it’s also very enjoyable sex position in its own right since the couple can look at each other, there’s lots of bodily contact, opportunity for kissing, and indeed the chance for playing with your partner’s breasts and pulls with both your mouth and fingers.

Not only that, but both partners can move up to the enjoyment of the sexual rhythm. If you trying to conceive a baby, it’s probably a good idea to lay down for half an hour after intercourse is complete to try and keep your partner’s semen in your vagina. (Your body may not always agree, of course, because – as you will have experienced – semen is actively expelled by the vagina, in a process called “flowback”, anything from a few seconds to a few hours after sex.

Even so, laying down like this maximizes your chance of conceiving a baby. Best sex position to conceive a baby boy. Reason: The male sperm are shorter lived but swim faster, and may have a greater chance of getting to the uterus first when sperm is deposited near the cervix.

Doggy style or rear entry sex position

You all know what this is, of course: the woman kneels facing away from the man, while he stands on kneels behind her and enters her from behind. It offers very deep penetration, and the opportunity for the man to make very deep thrusts, which helps get the sperm close to the cervix.

Clearly it’s not quite as good as the man on top position for keeping semen within the vagina after making love, but if the woman does a quick rotation and lies down on her back, then it’s almost as good.

From a lovemaking point of view, it can give a man a very intense orgasms because of the exciting view he gets of his partner’s behind, it allows the woman a great deal of freedom of movement if she wishes to enjoy this, because the man the chance feeling powerful and sexy, and the woman the chance to let her sexual instincts flow; the man can have her close and reach around and pleasure his partner by playing with her breasts or clitoris, while she can reach between her legs and stimulate his testicles and the base of his penis as he thrusts.

In short, it’s a very sexy position can produce good orgasms — although it’s not regarded in any way is helpful to conception the woman to have an orgasm during intercourse, it’s obviously very pleasurable if she does so (although unfortunately quite uncommon!). Next best sex position to conceive a baby boy. Reason: same as for the missionary position.

Edge of the bed sex position

If you have the woman laying on the edge of the bed, and her partner enters her from either a standing or kneeling position, you can get good penetration and once again ejaculate near the entrance to the cervix. It’s also an exciting position because it’s different the ones usually used by couples, but it still gives deep penetration and mangling the vagina which helps retain the sperm in the entrance to the cervix was long as possible. Also a good position to conceive a baby boy. Reason: same as for the missionary position

Side by side spooning — the best sex position to conceive a baby girl?

If you’re dreaming of a baby girl, you really want a position that offers shallow penetration and deposits the sperm a little bit further away from the cervix. One of the best ways of achieving this is to use side-by-side sex position with partners facing the same way — this doesn’t allow the man to enter his partner’s vagina quite so deeply, but it’s still tender and loving position, perfect for babymaking, with ample opportunity for mutual caressing, fondling and contact. It’s also good for laying together after making love, and, according to popular wisdom, will increase the chances of the XX, or female, sperm reaching the uterus first.

Woman on top sex

As you can see by now, any position which tends not keeping semen near the entrance to the cervix is probably one that favors a baby girl. And clearly in the woman on top position, at least when the woman has her body upright, is one which will tend to allow the semen to drain out of the vagina faster, and therefore increase the chances of a XX sperm producing a baby girl. At least that’s the theory!

Manifesting Reality

You might be wondering why something like The Secret has achieved such remarkable success, selling over 20 million copies since it was published in 2006.

Well, if you read the book it’s actually hard to understand why it’s achieved such success,  since it’s a rather banal representation of the principles of manifestation and the Law of Attraction (click here to read more

Video – what is the Law of Attraction?

You see, nobody who knows anything about the principles of manifestation and the law of attraction would think for one minute that The Secret was either a good representation or a complete explanation of those ideas.

In fact, it’s hard to see that book as anything other than a moneymaking objective, although of course it was portrayed in a very different light at the time.

But let’s not be cynical — it did introduce many hundreds of thousands of people to the principles of manifestation, and at least gave them an opportunity to understand more about the subject, which I guess means they could pursue it if they were interested.

The question is of course whether or not anybody who read that book actually seriously developed the skill of manifestation as a result.

My own view is that there probably were a few who were motivated enough to change their lives and, because of that, seriously researched the principles of manifestation and adopted the law of attraction as a tool for improving their life more and more, every day in every way.

Are you committed to improving the quality of your own life?
Are you committed to improving the quality of your own life?

However, I seriously doubt there were many of them; the truth of the matter is that manifestation is not the easy technique that was implied in The Secret. It is really quite challenging,

It requires a fair amount of dedication and considerable investment of time and emotional energy.

And not only that! Another problem is that most people have absolutely no idea what they want in life. It may be a trite thing to say, but the reality is if you don’t even know what you want, you will have a hard time getting it!

Another problem: even the people who do know what they want may find their ability to sustain a state of excitement and interest in getting it is, shall we say, on the low side…

You see, the problem is this: if you don’t either know what you want in the first place or you can’t sustain the emotional energy in getting it, you simply won’t be successful with manifestation. Keep in mind this principle – we attract what we hold in our mind – always.

Video – why manifestation may not work

Not working? It’s not that the Law of Attraction is making any kind of judgment about whether or not you “deserve” to get what you want. Far from it…

In fact, manifestation and attraction have no consciousness whatsoever — they simply respond in a mechanistic way to the energy which people “put out” from that combination of desire and emotional energy.

You may wonder why, if it’s so simple in principle to send out energy into the universe, that even the people who know the truth about manifestation often find it difficult to get what they want.

For me, I think the major difficulty is the challenge of sustaining a high level of emotional energy and excitement — which translates for me into the word commitment — about their goals and objectives over long enough to allow the universe time to respond to those wishes.

Some people claim you should send out your wishes into the universe and then “let go of them”.

Well, what does that mean, and where does the truth lie?

I think the answer is that there’s a particular feeling that one gets whilst manifesting, which I have called the “moment of knowing”.

The moment of knowing is a particular feeling that is very clear and always means that the universe has responded to a request by setting in motion a train of events that will get you what you want.

I believe people who talk about letting go of their desire really mean you can let go of your desires once you have experienced a moment of knowing.

And sure, at that point of course you can let go of your desires because the universe is going to respond to you – it’s already set in motion the event chain destined to produce your much wished-for objective.

Without going into any more detail, I will just note that the number of people who are successfully creating a new life using the intensity of manifestation is low, low, low. And this is in keeping with the number of people who achieve the quality of leadership in their lives which go with a level of determination and commitment sufficient to hold them to a process of getting what they want.

If you’re committed to your future, and committed to yourself, then you can look up on the Internet exact and precise instructions for meditation, visualization, goal setting and goal achievement through the process of manifestation .

If you are respectful enough of yourself to really want to create the future you desire, then you will dedicate the time and effort doing precisely that.

Texting to Love

Using Text Messages To Communicate With Your Partner

This is just as good for renewing a relationship that has lost a little bit of its excitement and passion.

You see, it’s the same things that make somebody interested in you for the first time that make them interested in you for a lifetime: in other words, qualities like respect, appreciation, love, lack of judgementalism, and of course, the old favorite — their ability to meet your needs, and to make you feel good.

I’m not suggesting that any relationship has to be based on an overt and very obvious sense of duty on one person’s part towards the other person’s needs.

That would be ridiculous, because any good relationship is certainly based on a sense of true equality and mutual respect, where each partner can justifiably say that they are as important as the other person in the relationship.

Nonetheless, whether you’ve broken up with your ex-partner and you want to be reunited in a romantic and good quality relationship, or whether you are simply looking for a relationship in the first place, the dating and relationship advice in Text Your Ex Back is certainly high quality, and well worth considering.

Getting Your Ex Back With Text Messages (click here to find out how)

I suppose it’s possible that you think I’ve gone completely mad by writing an article on how to re-establish a relationship by using text messages!

However although this may seem to be one of the more extreme pieces of dating advice you’ve ever received, it’s not quite as strange you might think.

One of the reasons that people breakup is because communication has failed. And the reason communication fails is because people’s emotions get in the way of clarity and understanding.

In other words, the emotional wounds that people carry with them come between them and clear communication to another person, and clear understanding of another person’s communication.

When you also consider that anybody who is speaking to you is doing so through the overlay of their own emotional wounds, you can understand why it is sometimes so difficult to maintain harmony in a relationship.

Now most dating advice does talk about the importance of communication, but it seems to me that relationship advice like Text Your Ex Back (we’ll come to that in a moment) can be futile if it doesn’t take account of the fact that people are easily sucked back into the emotional issues that disrupted their well-being and their relationship in the first place.

Nothing destroys intimacy faster than emotional conflict, and nothing promotes emotional conflict faster than misunderstanding. When you can take the emotional aspect of communication out of the loop, and use a medium for messaging your partner that has little or no possibility of your emotional wounds getting in the way, then communication is much clearer, and misunderstanding much less likely.

You’ll see from my logic above, that this means that it’s extremely likely that you will be able to start rebuilding intimacy.

Intimacy and trust of the two foundation stones of any relationship, and they are essential before you can expect to have a good relationship.

So where text messaging plays into this dynamic is that it removes the emotional aspect of communication and allows you to express your true feelings without the overlay of emotional wounds, outstanding issues, and unresolved conflict.

Text messaging is exemplified as a relationship builder in a program called Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore, which is the prime program on the Internet for either getting your ex back if you split up, or re-invigorating existing relationship which has become stale.

The reason it can work in either case is because the same processes required for reconstructing a relationship as renewing it: that is to say, the re-establishment of intimacy, trust and communication without the emotional overlay of the wounds that have sparked disruption or distance.

Now this may seem a little fanciful due at the moment, and I can quite understand that, but if you actually purchase a copy of Text Your Ex Back, it will all become much clearer to you.

One of the things that I really like about text your ex back is that it actually explains to you in the process of texting messages to your ex-boyfriend or texting messages to your ex girlfriend in such a way that you can start from a neutral, unthreatening message, and gradually build up to greater and greater levels of intimacy.

As you do so, you can establish greater and greater levels of trust and connection, and hopefully at the same time higher and higher levels mutual respect and interest.

Intimacy can be hard-won within a relationship, and it’s probably true to say that most people are not very good at building it, so my suggestion to you is that if you’re in either of the categories that are mentioned, you seek out a copy of Mike Fiore’s program, and see if it can help you.

Well, I agree, on the face of it it does sound pretty damn’ crazy doesn’t it?

Texting your ex back!

Apart from the fantasy about some nightmarish modern utopia where nobody communicates face-to-face, does Text Your Ex Back actually have anything to recommend it as a system repairing broken relationships?

I think the truth of the matter is this: anything that allows two people who have broken up to communicate more honestly, without the anger and sadness that went along with their breakup, has to be a good thing.

Now I’m not saying that sending SMS messages to your ex-boyfriend, or your ex-girlfriend, is going to repair the break-in your relationship, but it is possible that messaging your ex might have something going for it.

After all, when you think about the problem is that to people who’ve broken up face, were first of them is probably going to be extreme anger towards each other, and the second, is not knowing how to deal with it.

Find out how a revolutionary new system called text your ex back by Mike Fiore can aid you in getting your relationship back on track after you’ve broken up.

There’s nothing more potentially painful than breaking up with partner when you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in the relationship, and one of the things that we all need from time to time is assistance in avoiding the conflicts and misunderstandings that can so easily to the end of a beautiful relationship.

Mike Fiore has spent his life, or at least the recent part of his life, working in this field with men and women, to ensure that their relationships done the maximum chance of them during the on the point of which conflict and disputes are beginning to develop.

A lot of people have asked me my work Whether or not I believe that text messaging is a genuinely effective system of communication with your partner which will allow you to re-establish love and romance.

The odd thing is that I do actually think there’s something quite profound and likely to be successful about this method of communication — the reason being that it’s actually a way of avoiding misunderstandings that can develop in the spoken face-to-face communication.

Now of course text messaging does have its limitations — obviously you’re limited in the amount that you can say, and your limited in the way that you can say it.

But SMS messaging also has several benefits, including, paradoxically, the two things mentioned above — that is to say, but you can only say a limited amount of text message, and that you only have a certain way of expressing yourself.

I think all of us who have been in relationship will know how easy it is for one partner to misunderstand another, even when one is being sincere and genuine — and it’s times like these that can trigger spontaneous reactions of hurt and anger that are likely to lead to a big argument, which can fester over time as resentment grows.

So Text Your Ex Back looks like a genuine system to me that has the potential to aid ex-boyfriends and girlfriends in getting back together with each other quickly and simply and powerfully and effectively.

I’m not suggesting that it’s a cure all for all aspects of relationship conflict, but what I am suggesting is that there’s a lot of potential there that deserves to be explored more fully than perhaps people generally give the system credit for.

There have actually been psychological studies done on the use of text messaging with in order relationships which demonstrate quite clearly that some people become extremely dependent on this form of communication — and certainly for young people, it’s one of the new ways of establishing communication effectively.

So with such a large percentage of the population using SMS messaging within their relationships, it should be no surprise that there has also been a system developed using it once relationship has ended.

Text your ex back offers a complete system of relationship communication texts, starting with one is designed to peak somebody’s interest, and then moving on to establish deeper communication on a more emotional level.

The essence of the system of course is about re-establishing communication in a way that is not provocative, and then following that up with communication in a way that generally develops intimacy and greater interest between the two ex-partners.

Does it work? Well, the answer is…. “Yes, I think it does work”.

I’ve had a number of people say to me that they’ve actually been able to start communicating with their ex-partners in a rational and calm way, devoid of the emotional distress and upset that the grief always develops after the end of the relationship.

It may not be for everyone, but my suggestion is that if you’ve recently broken and you feel that you want to get your partner back — that is to say, the breakup was a genuine mistake and should never happened — then you try text your ex back to see if it could be of any help to you.

I’d be very interested to hear of any successes or failures that you may have with this system, and to that end, and invite you to e-mail me and the address on my website, which you can find on my website all about this interesting method of texting.

Finally, please don’t forget that there aren’t any simple solutions to relationship break-ups, and getting back together with your partner may in fact actually only be the beginning of a new phase of your relationship where you actually have to rebuild trust and intimacy — particularly if you’re ever going to have sufficient trust to live together….

Even so, having said all of that, I regard any relationship in which people have invested a lot of time and effort as being well worth having the opportunity of reconstructing and renewing connection, and text your ex back certainly seems to offer one way in which you can do this.

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever!

One of the things that a lot of people say to me in my work as a counselor is that before they can even get into a relationship, they need advice on dating: that is to say, information on the best way to approach men, the best way to approach women, what men and women expect from each other in a relationship so on, how to avoid conflict, and other common issues that arise in any human relationship, with a sexual or otherwise.

But I haven’t actually written many websites that cover the subject of dating tips and relationship advice for women.

I suppose in a way this is because my interest is or was being on the critical aspect of improving sexual function for people in relationship, but what’s obvious to me now is that there’s a massive demand for relationship advice.

Now rather than write my own program, because that will take some time, I recommend programs by experts who I know personally.

While these are not unbiased reviews, and certainly not unbiased recommendations, the fact of the matter is that if you are a woman who needs dating advice, then Capture Him by Mike Fiore is one of the best programs available to you in terms of knowing how to approach men and understanding male behavior.

Let’s face it, dating is never easy, and if you have some money on your site you can offer you good advice and information that is going to make the whole process easier, then it’s well worth taking advantage of this resource.

My intention here is to give you the option of a program that can help you with dating tips and relationship advice, rather than sexual information, or advice about how to overcome sexual dysfunction.

Catch him and keep him, also known as Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, is a program for women that includes information on just about every aspect of dating men and establishing a relationship with men. That includes non-verbal communication, insight into male behavior, how best a woman can meet a man’s needs, and what she should expect from a relationship in return.

You may be wondering what on earth a program of women’s dating advice entitled Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever could possibly offer women who are looking for a relationship.

Well the simple answer to that is that it can offer them a great deal of constructive advice which will help them to establish a relationship that is both intimate, rewarding, and fulfilling.

By intimate rewarding and fulfilling, what I mean to say is that the relationship will involve a sense of connectedness, a sense of emotional harmony, and the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental and trusting fashion.
Capture His Heart Will Help You Into Relationship

When you think about this, these are the qualities that most of us look for in a relationship, and if it is true that capture his heart and make him love you forever can bring about such a happy situation, then this is a remarkable development in the field of online programs  offering relationship advice, or dating advice.

Well as we all know, there are many false reviews on the Internet, so I’m not going to pretend  that I’m offering the same sort of thing because I’m actually not. What I’m offering you is the opportunity to read review which contains information about what’s actually contained in the program, so that you have enough information to decide whether or not you want to buy a copy of the program yourself.

Now Capture His Heart is a program written by two gurus of the online dating community, by the name of Claire Casey and Michael Fiore. I suppose that more accurately, Michael Fiore is the programming and marketing genius, while Claire Casey is is the author and publisher of the program.

But these are splitting hairs, because whether or not either of them had a role in the writing program or not is irrelevant to the quality of the finished product, which far exceeds the quality of almost any other program that I’ve come across on the Internet in the field ofdating and relationship advice.

A strong claim indeed, but its claim that can be borne out by you buying program and examining the contents, knowing that you do so with the safety and reassurance of an unconditional moneyback guarantee offered by the publishers

There is some of the few of the things that you’ll see in the conquer his heart and keep him captive forever — first of all there’s a whole section on male needs and desires, which will be of incredible use and extreme interest women who have no understanding of what men actually want in relationship.

Then there’s another section on the subject of gender roles, which is most enlightening, because a relationship that succeeds often involves a man and a woman who are both deeply settled into their natural gender relationship and role.

There’s a section on how you can communicate clearly, cleanly and honestly, allowing for the vagaries of every individual is an emotional experience, and avoiding any difficulties that may arise from being sucked into the emotional wounds of your partner or prospective partner, a phenomenon which happens all too quickly and often, and is an additional attempt to revisit the past with a view to mediating the damage and wounds that were done by our parents.

So as you can see, there’s a heck of a lot of information in Conquer His Heart, and it’s information which will be valuable to you in many different ways: the simple short explanation of capture his heart is that it is the exemplar of relationship advice, and offers all women the greatest opportunity that I have come across to establish relationship with men who represent the kind of men that women want to settle down with.

One of the great things about the Internet is the way that it offers dating advice from men and dating advice for women.

Of course it also offers sexual information about how to overcome common sexual dysfunction is like delayed ejaculation and even premature ejaculation.

Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

How To Have A Great Relationship

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever certainly covers all aspects of relationship — including communication, intimacy, gender roles, what you may expect from the opposite sex, and how to build trust and intimacy. You see, if I asked you right now what you mean by intimacy, I think you would probably give me a very different explanation of the word then the person standing next to you.

And that emphasizes exactly where we fall into difficulty in our relationships: what one person means by one thing, another person thinks of as something completely different. When they try and communicate about this, confusion arises, not to mention to stress, anxiety, and obviously a breakdown of trust.

So where are you going to get the information that might help you avoid such difficulties? Well, there’s a program on the Internet called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever which is written by doyennes of Internet marketing and relationship advice, Claire Casey and Mike Fiore.

I’ve written many times about the potential benefits of Internet programs as a means of establishing trust and intimacy, and I make no apology from repeating myself here.

You see, I believe that this program is one of the best available anywhere. I think that it can help you to build a relationship because it explains to you exactly what it is about the partner that enables you to establish close connection and intimacy.

For example, although Capture His Heart is a program designed for women, it clearly explains every aspect of male behavior and male gender expectations and roles. Now, the power of this lies in the fact that most women actually have very little understanding of male behavior, thoughts and feelings.

This of course is not to say that men have any greater understanding of women because they quite obviously do not — it’s merely to point out that if you’re a woman trying to get into a relationship with a man, it might well be extremely helpful to have a guide like capture his heart to help you understand what it is that you’re dealing with!

Now I’ve written a great deal on the Internet over the years about relationships, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that there are few, if any, programs as good as this one available to people who want an intimate relationship — specifically, as I say, in the case of Capture His Heart, relationship advice provided for women.

So I read the site in which you can review various aspects of this fascinating program, mostly by giving you insight into what it contains rather than opinion as to the value of the contents. I believe that you can make up your own mind about what you wish to purchase of the Internet, including whether or not you want to buy an ebook of Capture His Heart.

So I read the site in which you can review various aspects of this fascinating program, mostly by giving you insight into what it contains rather than opinion as to the value of the contents. I believe that you can make up your own mind about what you wish to purchase of the Internet, including whether or not you want to buy an ebook of Capture His Heart.

Dating Advice For Women

Dating Advice For Women

I’ve spent my career seeking to improve the quality of people sexual relationships, what have come to understand recently is that information on how to improve sex is also critical for many couples.

You see, Dating Advice is less common on the Internet than sexual advice, yet both are just as necessary for a successful relationship. In general what I find is that when people actually established in intimate and connected relationship, they’re able to move into the sexual phase of their interaction in a harmonious and simple and easy way, just because they trust each other.

Sexual problems, therefore, often seem to stem from a situation where a couple haven’t yet established a real emotional intimacy in the face of their relationship that used to be known as romance or “courtship”!

Now I’m not suggesting we should have a return to the old days where of relationship is based on long courtship.

In fact that’s very unlikely to happen indeed, because most of us these days like to jump into bed and enjoy sex on the second or third date — although, I’m sure there are plenty of couples who don’t do this, and their attitude is just as important as anybody else’s.

Nonetheless, to avoid difficulties in relationship where couples meet, have a few dates, and then want to get intimate physically, dating advice is very necessary. I provided information on how to get over sexual dysfunction is all kinds on a number of my websites.

But where it comes to dating and relationship advice and dating tips for women in particular, I prefer to turn to the experts who know all about female and male behavior at this stage of a relationship, and more to the point, who have vast experience in writing programs people to help them smooth the path of getting together and making that all very important emotional relationship.

Mike Fiore is one of the people who stands out in this field, because he’s written a number of programs that have gained a great deal of respect, and a full of extremely sound dating advice for women.

Let’s face it, dating and relationship tips don’t come easily, and when you are actually putting your faith in something on the Internet, or somebody on the Internet, you need to know that they have a reputation that is well established, and that the advice that they’re going to give you is actually going to be helpful.

It’s the that reason that I recommend Michael Fiore’s dating advice.

Now although this is a bit of a cheesy title, Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is a very good program indeed: it provides information about how men and women can meet, about how they can establish a close relationship, about how they can get together and understand and tolerate male and female differences and the differences in particular in male and female emotional behavior, and it also answers many of women’s questions about what men actually want in a relationship.

I strongly recommend that if you’re dating, or you’re looking for information on how to date, or you or a woman who wants no more about how men think and feel and behave, then you by Capture His Heart by Mike Fiore. There is of course a money-back guarantee see are not likely to regret your purchase, and even if you do, you can get a refund. All you have to do is click on the link, and you’ll find that you can get the purchase easily and simply with in two or three minutes.

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever – How it Works

Capture His Heart

This program describes all of those aspects of male behavior that most women want to understand, but have no way of doing so.

In other words, the mystery of male behavior, that has confused many a woman, is explained fully in Capture His Heart, to the degree that a woman will be equipped with the ability to make a man love her, simply by making him feel that he is understood in a way that no other woman has ever been able to understand him.

I suppose you might be thinking at this stage that this sounds slightly manipulative, and my response to that is:  women have been manipulating men into relationships, and men have been manipulating women into relationships, since the dawn of time. It’s been called flirting, courting, pickup artists, and many other terms besides — what it all amounts to is an expression of a natural form of human behavior directed to a particular objective — that is to say, having a wonderful, intimate relationship that satisfies the needs of both partners.

That’s why I can’t consider capture his heart and making love you forever to be manipulative. What I consider it to be is an extremely skilful exposition of many different factors about male behavior and the way that men interact with women, so many factors that a woman who reads the program from start to finish will be absolutely fully informed about the ways in which you might capture a man’s heart, and she certainly stands a much greater chance of helping him to see how loving her forever might just be the right thing to him!

By the way – if you want to manifest a great relationship you could also try using the Secret – aka The Law Of Attraction. Find out all about it here.

Now you may think this sounds very trite and simplistic, and I must admit when I first came across it I would have agreed with you. But the reality is that I have bought the program, and examined it with the keen eye of a counseling psychologist.

Now I want you to understand that I am not an indiscriminate reviewer of Internet self-help programs — far from it, I was the first person to introduce the concept a review site which offered nothing more than a list of contents of self-help programs available by download e-book or MP3, and I have never reviewed a site in a way that suggests I’m an impartial user of the product.

My approach to reviewing is to list the contents of our program and see if that gives the buyer or the potential buyer in of information to make a free and fair choice about whether or not they actually purchase it. I regard that as a very much more constructive way forward than writing reviews which are suspect and always open to the accusation of fraud.

And my review, using the word in the sense that I applied it above, of Capture His Heart by Claire Casey and Michael Fiore, is no different.

So what’s this all about? Well, I think that capture his heart is one of the finest self-help programs available on the Internet — there, you see,  I told you I wasn’t impartial! But seriously, these two authors have taken the field of dating and relationship advice on-line and turned it upside down, shaken inside out, and come up with something which is genuinely new and different.

And what that might be is programs that are practical, simple, easy-to-use, and really offer the opportunity for people to dig into their deepest issues, resolve them, and then find a way forward within a relationship that is truly harmonious.

I know these are big claims for Capture His Heart, but I want to emphasize that they are all actually justified in the light of what the product can do for you.

So you may be wondering how an online e-book program can actually deliver relationship advice in a way that perhaps a counselor or therapist might. Well, the way it works is that the author, Claire Casey, starts by taking the basics of relationships, and then analyses what both men and women need and want from each other in those various aspects of relationship.

He then goes on to explain how you can meet another person’s needs whilst not sacrificing your own, how you can establish trust, and how you can build intimacy.

All of these are very powerful methods of working towards a wholesome and healthy relationship which is not based on the need to satisfy somebody else’s needs, but based on an expression of your own gender role, your own emotional health, and your emotional potential in terms of relationship.

You recognize what all of these things might add up to? I think that the answer to that question is that they are adept intimacy, and by that I mean a wholesome relationships which actually offer open communication, trust, and the depth of connection which makes an individual’s existence more meaningful.

Sure those are big claims, the whining you try out capture his heart for yourself, and see if my claims for the product are justified? You never know, you might find that your life is never the same again!